samedi 25 août 2007

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - FORBIDDEN !

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - FORBIDDEN !

Hello everyone !
Like you can see, the blog has a new name wich is "S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s".
I had to change due to spammers, and the Varese Sarabande.
Also, Greg has a new blog, here you go :

jeudi 23 août 2007

Ghoulies II - 1987 (Fuzzbee Morse & Paul Sabu)


Hey guys, here's my DVD Audio Rip of Ghoulies II. I made it some weeks ago, and I got 22 tracks. You'll find a W.A.S.P's song at the end, because this song is accompagning the end credits from the movie. I love that soundtrack ! The Main Titles is really great.
Fuzzbee Morse & Paul Sabu are the composers of the soundtrack. Both made good musics, don't you think ? :-)
Well, I'll let you listening to my Rip, enjoy ! :-)

mercredi 22 août 2007

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - BAD NEWS ...

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - BAD NEWS ...

It seems all the blogs created with "" wich are sharing music are disappearing one by one. I saw Cheefbrody back this morning, but he announced something wich won't be a pleasure for our community ... Look at what did he say, him and also Attax (Italian Horror Blog). They have closed their blogs, unfortunately ...
Here's the FS Weekly's article about that ...

Those blogs are closed :

And I am sure that there are more died blogs than this ...
I hope I'll be able to keep my blog, but the community is in danger ... I wish at all the blogs (who have survived for now) to continue to be living !
If not, you can expect the closing of this blog one day, so still benefit from my contribution : -)

lundi 13 août 2007

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 1974 (Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell)


I already put a bootleg from that score. But this one is an expanded bootleg wich contains 15 tracks, and the first one was containting 10 tracks.
You also find covers in this bootleg. Enjoy ! :-)

samedi 11 août 2007

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - BANNED MEMBERS


S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - BANNED MEMBERS

Read this please

Okay, if you checked my blog, in particluary comments, you saw that Industrial Cocktail and Greg were back to shitting the blog again.

Greg has insulted and attacked everyone at Isbum's Place a while ago. And also at ScoreBaby.
And now, he's currently attacking everyone at "You don't have to visit this blog".

He loves using my name and also the name of my friend (Breton Girl), to post vulgarities, sexualities, etc ...

Here's the page of his biggest exploits (he insults us, he write stupidities, he lies, etc ...)

Not Greg has created a blog to distrubes Greg, because it's the same as Soundtrack Rarities, but even, funnier than the Greg's one.
To view the blog, click on Not Greg. I love this blog ! ^^

Okay, now you know who is Greg, a mad-man wich likes attacking everybody there, and in many others places.

He always post anonymously, when he say vulgarities. He's really a poor and bad guy ! Don't you think ?
I still got a message from him this morning, in my language, the French. He said "parles à mon cul, baises toi clochard, etc ...".
And when we choose to ignore him, he post many things to provokes us, so the war continues ...
NEWS 08/21
Recently, he has choosen to change of place (from YDHTVTB to Omega's blog) !
Here's the page of his new exploits, good laugh my friends ! :-)
NEWS 08/22
Today, he has choosen a new place to attack everyone (including me), this is at Breton Bitch's Bullshit blog, there.
And a good new, the blog Soundtrack Rarities is dead !!! What a great new, don't you think ? :-)
But unfortunately, Not Greg has closed his funny blog too ...
I still have news, Breton Bitch made an article in his blog wich might interest you, if you hate Greg like us : HERE.


This strange man isn't like you think, "a good guy who was sharing pretty soundtracks in his died blog "...

He attacked me in my blog, because to him, I stolen his rip from "The Hills Have Eyes", without giving credits. But when I downloaded it, I was sure that it was a rip, but I did not know who was the ripper.

So, of course, he added vulgarities, and he agressed me to tell me that.
But when his blog still existed, there were two rips wich were mine, and he never gave credits for them, and me, I never posted anything to say "IT'S MY RIP ! GIVE CREDITS, BULLS**T !". I just left, without say any word (I don't complain, I am not stupid only for that !).

And he also said that I stole a rip of Horrorscores, because he saw "Amityville II: The Possession", there and in the Horrorscore's blog.

Without any proofs, he accused me to having stolen his rip, and to having persuaded that it was mine !
Firstly, dialogues from my rip are french, Horrorscore's ones are English. Covers aren't the same.
Secondly, my tracks numbers isn't the same as Horrorscore's rip (etc ... there are many others proofs !).

I haven't told you everything about those two guys, but believe me, they are both really biggest liar I ever knew ...

mercredi 8 août 2007

The Amityville Curse - 1990 (Milan Kymlicka)


Hey guys, here's an other DVD Audio Rip of mine.
This is Amityville 5 : The Amityville Curse, and here are all the musics from that film I ripped for you, and for me.
I enjoyed that soundtrack, I hope you too :-)
I always loved Amityville's movies, and even the soundtracks from these movies too.
I recommend at every horror's fan to download this rare score. It does not containts so many SFX, I managed to erase most of them.
As for covers inside the rip, they are both creations of Tom, so thank you Tom ! :-)
Enjoy ! :-)

dimanche 5 août 2007

Amityville IV: The Evil Escapes - 1989 (Rick Conrad)

This is an other DVD Audio Rip of mine. The Soundtrack I ripped containts 26 tracks, all the musics are really well, and orchestral.
The Main Titles is great enough. Rick Conrad is the composer.
This is not the greatest movie of the series, but it's a bit scary.
I hope you'll appreciate my Audio Rip from the DVD.
I managed to erase the maximum of sfx, so you won't be disturbed by vocals or anything in the music.
Enjoy !

samedi 4 août 2007

My Birthday !

Today is my birthday.

I got many presents, and I was happy.

It is a funny day. I really love this day, but unfortunately, this is only one time a year.

Post there to tell me "Happy Birthday", and when is your birthday :-).

jeudi 2 août 2007

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - RULES

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - RULES

You must respect those following rules, please.

Because if you do not respect them, all your post will be erased (your old posts, and if you still continue to post, your posts will be erased a new time !).

Greg is already banned (like in Isbums's Place), and all his posts were erased, because he threated us, me a friend, of many many insults, like "BULLS**T", "B***H", "ASSHOLE" ...

And if you go to "You don't have to visit this Blog", you'll see his other exploits, like "YOU AND YOUR BLOG CAN GO TO HELL !" (and many others, of course !!).

The proper of the blog wrote articles on him (negative), due to his wickedness, and to its vulgarities, etc ... He attacked Nomwl1 (sometimes anonymously), he reported the blog, and recently, he said he will report every blogs, I am affraid, haaaa ! No, that's a joke, I am not scary for this, poor guy ... :-)

Here's a funny blog created by "Not Greg", it's a "SoundtrackRarities" imitation, even, 1 000 000 % better than the original blog of Greg ^___^

Here ! :-)

And here are a little bit of his exploits :

Greg's exploits ! :-)

Still our dear friend !

Still many others !

Here's a last, read !

Same thing for "Industrial Cocktail" (or the FAMOUS lie... master cylinder), he said I stole one of his own rip without gave credits, but I didn't know that this rip was made by him !

When he told me that, he added vulgarities, of course (like Greg, are they twin ? lol) ...

But when IC still existed, there were two rip of mine in it, and "IC" doesn't gave any credits for them. And when I recognized my rips, I never posted any message to threat him of "BULLS**T", I am not stupid ! And he knew that both rips were mine !

WELL, here are rules :

01. You don't have to answer Greg's messages & IC's messages , they all will be erased by me. Only me and Breton Girl can answer his messages.

02. You don't have to threat anyone there, or to disturbe us.

03. You can't post with the name "Greg", "the master cylinder", "IC" or anything like that, okay ? These guys are private of posts there !

04. If a link is deleted, you can post a comment to prevent me. Thanks ! :-)

05. You are free to add my blog on your blog's list (it's not compulsory, of course :-)).

06. You can post your requests, or post something from my wantlist if you have, thanks ! :-)

I wish you good holidays ! :-)