samedi 4 août 2007

My Birthday !

Today is my birthday.

I got many presents, and I was happy.

It is a funny day. I really love this day, but unfortunately, this is only one time a year.

Post there to tell me "Happy Birthday", and when is your birthday :-).

11 commentaires:

Breton Girl a dit…

Et 17 ans tout juste, veinard! J'en ai quasiment le double (31 ans depuis le 15 mars)... ;(

Ghoulies a dit…

Lol, merci encore ! :-)

manucosma a dit…

ton blog est genial !!

GoblinScore a dit…

Hey Ghoulie, happy happy B-day to you! Hope you had a great one, merci for a terrific blog :) Best wishes!

alex a dit…

Happy Birthday! :)
Be glad it only happens once a year because after a while time seems to slip past too quickly :)

All my best

Ghoulies a dit…

Thank you all to wish me an happy birthday !

Erick Monsterama2000 a dit…

Happy belated birthday. Mine was on July 29.

Ghoulies a dit…

Thank you ! :-)
Happy Birthday at you too, it's too late I know :-).

VonCheech a dit…

Happy Birthday!!!!

thanks for all your presents!!!

ross a dit…

Happy B-day! Sorry its late, but I was out of town :(

Ghoulies a dit…

Thank you guys ! =)