jeudi 23 août 2007

Ghoulies II - 1987 (Fuzzbee Morse & Paul Sabu)


Hey guys, here's my DVD Audio Rip of Ghoulies II. I made it some weeks ago, and I got 22 tracks. You'll find a W.A.S.P's song at the end, because this song is accompagning the end credits from the movie. I love that soundtrack ! The Main Titles is really great.
Fuzzbee Morse & Paul Sabu are the composers of the soundtrack. Both made good musics, don't you think ? :-)
Well, I'll let you listening to my Rip, enjoy ! :-)

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Evan a dit…

Wow, thanks for the great rip of the Ghoulies 2 Score. I hear Ghoulies 4 is coming to DVD and I cant wait for that. I was wondering if you would make a DVD rip of a movie with my favorite score which is the movie "Night of the Sharks" with Treat Williams and was made in 1987. The score is by Stelvio Cipriani and is really, really good. Again, thanks for the Ghoulies 2 Soundtrack and the best of luck with keepiung your blog up!

Ghoulies a dit…

Ghoulies 4 is coming to DVD you said ? But the 3rd has never been released in DVD yet, right ?
Anyway, glad to see that you like my rip. I'll put my Ghoulies 3's rip here soon :-).
As for your request, I don't have the movie, sorry man. I'll try to find it at some places that I know.
But is this score a real release ?
Or do they never released it in CD ?

VonCheech a dit…

thank you. will check back for Ghoulies 3 rip...

alex a dit…

Thanks for all the fabulous downloads, your blog is always a pleasure to visit!

Alex :)

ross a dit…

Thanks for the score, ghoulies!