samedi 25 août 2007

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - FORBIDDEN !

S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s - FORBIDDEN !

Hello everyone !
Like you can see, the blog has a new name wich is "S0undtracks-0f-Ghouli3s".
I had to change due to spammers, and the Varese Sarabande.
Also, Greg has a new blog, here you go :

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Breton Girl a dit…

Bonne idée de changer le nom du blog (et plus encore de ne pas donner le lien pour y arriver sur d'autres blogs).

Quant à greg, il a beau voulir essayer de se faire oublier, c'est trop tard pour lui! :p

alex a dit…

Hello, I hope things will finally calm down now that you have changed the url.
Have a terrific Saturday and try to keep smiling!

Alex :)

Ghoulies a dit…

Hello Alex !
Good to see that you know what's the new url.
Is it Isbum who has informed you about that ?
Anyway, make sure to do not put me in your blog (if you have a blog), because Greg might find it easily.
I changed the adress because of him, and because of the Varese Sarabande.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Ghoulies!

Good job!
I have invited Alex to our "new" blogs and Alex is going to be very discrete about this.
I can send the BB on hiatus soon.

CU later mon ami

VonCheech a dit…

whew! i thought they closed you down too!
good luck with new location!

BB a dit…

Hi Ghoulies!

You doin' alright?
I just wanted to let you know that I raided your blog last weekend and downloaded lots of your scores. I might leave some individual comments as soon as I have listened to the music...
Thanks again.


VonCheech a dit…

this blog still being updated?

Anonyme a dit…

Hey Ghoulies,

just dropping by to see if you're doin' alright. Hope everything is fine and to see you back soon.

Ghoulies a dit…

Hey guys !
Sorry to have been absent during long time. I won't updating my blog for now. And unfortunately, Megaupload has erased all the links who were containing illegal things (OST's, scores, free films ...), in every place (FFShrine, Gamingforce), not only in Blogspot.
I won't reupload the 100+ OST's of my blog, so if you want something, ask me.

VonCheech a dit…

welcome back. sorry about megaload. use mediafire, they don't delete links...

VonCheech a dit…

my mistake...

"The file you requested was removed for violating MediaFire's Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy"

i guess we have to put more secret file names.

The Fiji Mermaid a dit…

Great, good to see you still alive. I figured out where you blog was looking at sites that I was getting traffic from. Good to see you still at it! Keep up the good work!

JAMEZ the Rebel Fella a dit…

great blog!!!
im a big fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie!
but i cant find the
Steve Jablonsky soundtrack of the 2003 remake :(

i hope u can help me :)

VonCheech a dit…


MrBarlow a dit…


I'm looking for the Salem's Lot score by Harry Sukman.

Could you help?

artur a dit…

could you please reupload the soundtrack of the exorcist III or tell me where i could find it to download it safely?

maybe should you open an account on mediafire, they're great...

write me an answer please!

i'll be waiting