dimanche 22 juillet 2007

The Hills Have Eyes - 1977 (Don Peake)


This is the soundtrack from the old movie "The Hills Have Eyes", of 1977.
The score was never released, bad luck for anyone who loved it !
But it's a luck there, because you'll find a bootleg of the movie score !
The DVD Ripper is Industrial Cocktail, this is one of his own DVD Rips.

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Ghoulies a dit…

I have not said it was my DVDRip, okay ?

I haven't got it in your blog, because I got it after that your blog died.
So I'm not a stealer, I didn't know that it was the your.

But now, I know it, so I will left a message in my post to say "it comes from Industrial Cocktail" or "IC's DVD Rip", right ?
Also, I haven't stolen all your images, only two, because the covers of these scores were unreleased, so they never got any cover, that's all.

I didn't know that by linking directly to a blog, I was able to kill bandwith, my appologizes.
And I don't see why did you close your blog only because several images weren't working.
It did not forced you to close it, so don't tell me it's because of direct links to your images, please.

Ghoulies a dit…

I remember something, my dear.
I forgot to precise that this rip is the your only because I didn't know that (I have not downloaded it from your blog and I don't lie), but YOU, in your blog (your dead blog now), you have posted a 15 tracks rip from "Stephen King's It", and a small bootleg from "Street Trash".

The Rip of "IT" was MY rip, and you did not credit me, strange no ?
You got it somewhere (that I know, maybe), but you forgot the name of the ripper, bad luck ...

You never writed who's the ripper in your blog when you got bootlegs, but when someone take one of your rips, it is obligatory to write "INDUSTRIAL COCKTAIL'S DVD AUDIO RIP" !!! Because if we do not respect your rule, we are a BULLSHIT !

And strangely, I posted my Street Trash rip in a forum, maybe 1 week before to see a ST Rip in your blog. No other one existed before.
And when I downloaded it, I got the surprise to see the half of the tracks of this small audio rip, which came from my rip.
There were only 8 tracks in it.

You renamed tracks, and when I listened to them, and the others one of MY RIP, the tracks were cutted in same places (because of sfx), the duration was the same, I recognized!
There were only 4 other tracks which were your own rips. And I remember that you said you had managed to obtain only these 8 tracks with an Audio Rip from the DVD (rather 4 tracks, 4 others were mine), nevertheless my rip has all the same 40 tracks ! You missed patience by making your rip, because you missed a lot of tracks !!!

You can download both rips from my blog if you don't believe me, and then to compare rips with mine, they are only copies (even, my rips have so more tracks now !)

And after considering that, did I post in your blog to treat you of BULLSHIT ?!

Ghoulies a dit…