lundi 23 juillet 2007

Candyman 3: Day Of The Dead - 1998 (Adam Gorgoni)

Philip Glass has not composed the soundtrack for the third movie of "Candyman".
This time, it's Adam Gorgoni the composer.
You'll find 13 tracks from the movie in the OST, enjoy !
>> DOWNLOAD (Coming Soon !)

8 commentaires:

Madman a dit…

Great blogspot you have here with lots of enjoyable soundtracks.
I already had most of them, but really looking forward to Candyman 3 as I have never heard it got released...very exiting :)

ross a dit…

Wow, I didn't even know this one was released. Can't wait!

alex a dit…

Awesome Blog :)
Is there any chance you might have the soundtrack for Bubba Ho-Tep?

Breton Bitch a dit…

@ ghoulies

When is Candyman3 coming?
I'd really like to have it. :)

@ Alex

I have Bubba Ho-Tep.
Leave a request at my blog and I'll up it for you.

Ghoulies a dit…

@ BB : Yeah, I know that everyone is hoping that Candyman 3 will be available very soon. But I can't upload it for now, sorry.

BB a dit…

No worries, I can wait, I still have tons of other stuff that needs to be listened. Definitely looking forward to that one ;)

alex a dit…

Thanks BB that's very kind of you!
I'll talk to you soon :)

Well, when you have the chance to post "Candyman 3" I'll be here waiting too :)


alex a dit…

this score, when is up?